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Prof. Martin Pelucha

pelucha (at) ireas.cz

Martin Pelucha graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Economics and Public Administration in 2009 and completed his Ph.D. studies in Regional Science and Public Administration. His specialization is focused on the evaluation of public expenditure programmes, both, the EU cohesion policy and rural development policy.  



Chief Executive Officer, Leading Expert



University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Economics

Ph.D. degree programme, specialization in Regional studies – Public Administration


University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Economics

Master´s degree programme



United Kingdom, Newcastle, Research Network at Newcastle University, CURDS, Center for Urban and Regional Development Studies, director prof. Andy Pike, supervisor prof. John Shutt.


The research network was focused on development of the cooperation in the area of scientific research activities and further joint publications. Part of the network was also a block of lectures for Ph.D. students and leading experts CURDS about the Economic Transformation of the Czech Republic, progress in regional development, establishing of regional structures in the Czech Republic, knowledge in implementation of EU Structural policy. N.B. Support of the qualification development was funded from the budget of Developing project called „Support of Ph.D. and post-Ph.D student from the University of Economics in Prague and from the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague“ which was approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (hereinafter „MSMT“)


Hannover, Germany, Leibniz Universität Hannover

At the university described above, Martin Pelucha undertook a three-day internship. Established at this university is the  specialized department Institute of Environmental Planning which carries out the scientific research project RUFUS funded from The Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community.

The issue of this internship concerned solutions of rural development policy, application of new innovative instruments for rural development and typology evaluation (including classification) of rural areas. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christina von Haaren, PD Dr. Sylvia Herrmann, Dr. Karin Berkhoff


Hungary, Pécs international conference RSA called „Regional responses and global shifts: actors, institutions and organisations“, the participation was connected to presentation of the topic: Relationships between regional policy and environmental protection – assessment of the Local Agenda 21 implementation in the Czech Republic


Portugal, Lisbon international Conference RSA called „Regions in Focus?“, participation connected to presentation of  the topic: The EU CAP perspective in the context of existing reform steps: case of the Czech Republic


Belgium, Leuven international conference RSA called  „Shaping EU Regional Policy: Economic, Social and Political Pressures“, participation connected to presentation of the topic: Czech Republic's Structural Funds Implementation and Delivery in the Programming Period 2007-2013: Critical Issues


Denmark, Aalborg international conference RSA called „REGIONAL GROWTH AGENDAS“, participation connected to presentation of the topic: „Growth Factors in New Concepts of Regional Development“


United Kingdom, Leeds research network in ERBEDU, European Regional Business & Economic Development Unit, director prof. John Shutt Leeds Metropolitan University.

Subject of the scientific research was the issue of regional developing strategies formation in the United Kingdom compared to conditions in the Czech Republic. It was funded by programme SPACES, Centre of European Studies, University of Economics in Prague.


France, Angers international conference RSA discussing the issue of regional policy and rural area development, participation connected to presentation of the topic: Knowledge to date in pre-entrance programme SAPARD in the Czech Republic.



since 2003

Department of Regional Studies (KREG), University of Economics in Prague, , Centre of Regional and Public Administration studies (SRSV), University of Economics in Prague, Institute for Economic and Environmental Policy (IEEP), University of Economics in Prague, Assistant Professor

since 2002

IREAS, CEO, Leading Expert



Rural resilience in the context of trends in the digital divide between urban and rural areas.

Chief researcher: doc. Ing. Martin Pělucha, Ph.D.


V4 Network on Entrepreneurship "Visegrad Fund. Responsible

Researcher: doc. Ing. Martin Pělucha, Ph.D.


GACR - Title: Theoretical and methodological perspectives of neoproductivist EU rural development policy. Grant Agency of the Czech Republic.

Responsible researcher: doc. Ing. Martin Pělucha, Ph.D.


Round tables within the National Convention on the EU VI, specifically the organization of a round table on the sub-topic "Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy"


Individual grant, title: Neoproductivism as a New Theoretical and Methodological Paradigm of EU Rural Development Policy, Josef Hlávka Institute of Economics


Managing authority of the evaluation project „Evaluation of the social and inclusive entrepreneurship support in the Operational programme of Human resources and employment (HREOP)“, funded by technical assistance of the Operational programme of Human resources and employment, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs


Member of the evaluation project „Interim evaluation of the Operational programme Research and Development for Innovations (R&DfI)“ Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports


TD010083 Evaluation of support for companies in the Czech Republic by the CIE comparative method. Provider: TA0 - Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR)


TD010076 Optimization of the system of investment incentives to increase the competitiveness of the Czech Republic and their region. Provider: TA0 - Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR)


Member of evaluation project „Annual operational assessment HREOP 2012“, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs


Member of the conceptual project „Analysis of the current state and prognosis of the Czech Republic´s aquaculture development in the period 2014–2020 in the context of the EU´s Common Fisheries Policy with the vision till 2024“, funded by technical assistance of OP Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture


Member of a research team of the project „Analysis of proposed amendment to the Act on Investment Incentives“, project of Ministry of Industry and Trade


Member of the evaluation project „Pilot counterfactual impact evaluation of the HREOP , measure 1.1“, funded by technical assistance HRE0, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs


Member of a research team of the project „Strategy of external and international relations of the Ústecký kraj“, funded by HREOP, 4.4a – Public Administration and public services, Ústecký kraj


Member of a research team of the project: „Assessment of support of industrial zones“ project of Ministry of Industry and Trade


MEB0810149 Impacts of EU Cohesion Policy in the Visegrad Four Countries: Challenges for the Future. Provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic


Manager of the evaluation project „Annual Operational Evaluation of the Operational Programme Human resources and employment in 2010“, funded by technical assistance of HREOP, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs


Member of evaluation team of the project „Assessment of the implementation of the principle of partnership in the Operational Programme Human resources and employment by evaluation“, funded by technical assistance of HREOP, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs


GA402/09/0248, Theoretical analysis of interdependencies between environmental protection policy, regional policy and territorial development policy.


Member of a research team KREG  of the scientific project „Instruments of Regional policy of the EU and their implementation in the Czech Republic“, GA ČR, main investigator: prof. RNDr. René Wokoun, CSc., reg. č. 402/03/1306


Manager of the evaluation project: „Evaluation and Optimization of the System of Indicators of Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation (OPEI) 2007–2013“, funded by technical assistance OPEI, Ministry of Industry and Trade


Manager of the research project „Analysis and assessment of relations between cities and rural areas in response to implementation of the First Action Programme for the Implementation of the Territorial Agenda of the European Union (AP1)“, Ministry of Regional Development

Manager of the Evaluation project „Initial analysis for establishing an absorptive capacity“, funded by technical assistance of IOP, Ministry of Regional Development (09/2009 - 10/2009)

Manager „Ex-post assessment of HRDP -  koordinátor „Ex-post hodnocení HRDP – Horizontal Rural Development Plan 2004 - 2006“, funded from technical assistance of Ministry of Agriculture

Member of the project SRSV called „Analysis of state and local governments performance in ÚSC“,  best of expert analysis concerning the evaluation of the merits of a selective approach in the budgetary allocation of taxes in Prague, Pilsen, Ostrava and Brno, project was funded by Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, main investigator: doc. Ing. Petr Toth, Ph.D.


Member of a team for Rural development (supervisor prof. Majerová, Czech University of Life Sciences), which should set the direction and basic priorities of financial support in the field of rural development  in the programming period 2007 – 2013, new EAFRD (funded by Ministry of Agriculture, project manager: VÚZE, Výzkumný ústav pro zemědělskou ekonomiku)


Expert guarantor of evaluation of the „mainstreaming“ principle in the evaluation project „ „Third Phase of ongoing evaluation of CIP EQUAL“, funded by technical assistance of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs


Member of the expert team SRSV „Strategic partnership for the balance of programme for territory development of Jihočeský kraj“ from 2001 (hereinafter PRK 2001) design, implementation and balance of Programme for territory development for period 2007-2013, field of rural l development and agriculture


Project manager „Rural Development in the Programming period 2007-2013 within the context of reform SZP EU“ funded by Government Office of the Czech Republic within implementation of the concept of informing about European concerns in the Czech Republic (05/2006 – 12/2006), publications and seminars.


Member of the expert team SRSV, ex-ante evaluation „Strategy for development of Královehradecký kraj 2006 – 2015“, focused on rural development and agriculture


Participant of the evaluation project „Analysis Recommendation and evaluation for Operational programmes“, – 1/05. Preparation of methodology texts was implemented for Operational Programme preparation and recommendation of priorities of those programmes.


Manager and Leading expert of the project „Study – Rule n+2“, funded by technical support RPS according the measure 5.2 „Technical support CSF“ SROP, Ministry for Regional Development, CZ


Methodological support EQUAL Community initiative. Preparation of methodological handbooks for monitoring indicators, programmes evaluation and evaluation of development partnerships.


Consortium member (VŠE, VŠB-TU, KPMG, Mepco) for

Update processing of the National Development plan for the Programming period 2007 – 2013 which has become the initial document for National Strategic Reference Framework. Processing of a part „Constraints to rural development“ and „Innovations and Knowledge Economy“


Managing authority of the project MILUnet, Multifunctional Intensive Land Use in Europe; funded by  INTERREG IIIC Initiative, IEEP


Member of the research team KREK of a scientific project „ Management of regional development at regional level and level of municipalities with extended power“ ministry MMR research, investigator prof. RNDr. René Wokoun, CSc., reg. č. 31/04


Assistant of prof. Ing. Jiřiny Jílkové, CSc. at Mid-term evaluation of the pre-entry programme SAPARD concerning agricultural issues and issues of rural development


Project manager of the project cycle of 12 conferences regarding the issues of regional policy in the context of advancing European integration, funded from the program Phare



PĚLUCHA, Martin, SHUTT, John. Preparing for 2014-2020: Can the Czech Republic improve its performance by learning more from the United Kingdom? Regions – Quarterly Magazine of the Regional Studies Association, 2014, č. 293, s. 25–28. ISSN 1367-3882


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